Here they are finally, after several months of research we offer our new disposable devices with a unique and delicious taste, a mixture of taste that will not leave your taste buds indifferent, discover our 5 new pods that joins the great family Vaporlax. From technology to flavor, the new disposable devices of Vaporlax are easy to use. No need to worry about the liquids, just take it and puff... enjoy now its new exceptional taste.

Apple Peach Pear

Disposable devices apple peach pear flavor by Vaporlax :

The Apple Peach Pear disposable pod offers a variation of fruity flavor and sensations, an association with surprising sweetness where the marriage of peach and sublimate by the affection of the apple himself punctuated by the smell of pear, which gives a unique flavor of sweet with tart notes for you pod devices. A unique aroma who will surprise you.

Rainbow Mix

Disposable devices rainbow mix flavor by Vaporlax :

Get sweet taste all day long. This liquid is a must-have for fruit lovers who will delight your taste buds with every puff!

Vanilla Custard

Disposable devices vanilla custard flavor by Vaporlax :

Imagine a unique composition where the disposable pod vanilla custard comes to highlight this sweet classic flavor, the pastry maker's ingredient meets that of our memories for a definitely pleasant taste, it's buttery and creamy, an explosion of flavors in your mouth ! Vanilla is a diva of juice, a spice with multiple aromas, this is the basics of vaping !

Icy Fruits

Disposable devices icy fruits flavor by Vaporlax :

A madness of sweet and exciting freshness that jostles the taste buds with its infinite icy aroma for your pod.  Travel with this unique and tasty e-cigarette of iced fruit, a mixture that will have you carrying with each vaping. Discover all the sensations of the far north with this exceptional vape.  


Pineapple Peach Mango

Disposable devices pineapple peach mango flavor by Vaporlax :

Discover this sun-drenched vape. The combination of the acidity of the pineapple is balanced by the refreshing sweetness of the peach and mango. A unique combination of taste pod with subtlety and balance. An aroma thought to accompany you throughout the year, bringing a touch of sunshine disposable devices.