So far, Vaporlax has released 3 disposable vapes which are Vaporlax Nano, Vaporlax Mate & Vaporlax for all nic-salt vapers. With 3 devices & from 12 to 18 flavors of each device, that may probably cause hesitation for customers as they don’t know which one to choose. Therefore, we’re going to compare all 3 devices & hope it’ll help you to make a decision.

1. Flavors.

The Vaporlax Nano is available with 12 flavors, which are tropical punch, strawberry cream, pink lemonade, pineapple ice, peach mixes, orange soda, mango ice, lush ice, ice cola, crush grape, blue razz and banana ice. All 12 flavors are also available from the Vaporlax Mate & Vaporlax device. Although the Vaporlax device has 3 more flavors, which are cool mint, pineapple lemonade & strawberry banana. All these 3 flavors can also be found on the Vaporlax Mate, though we have released 3 new flavors and only are available on the Mate (short for Vaporlax Mate) at the moment. And those flavors are energy drink, lychee ice and double apple. So, if these 3 flavors are your favourite, then the Vaporlax Mate is the only choice for you.

2. The look.

The Vaporlax Nano is the slimmest of 3 and it’s slightly taller than the other 2 devices. And of course it’s also the lightest one. Not saying the other 2 devices are hard to carry with, but the Nano (short for Vaporlax Nano) is the easiest one to take outside. It won’t make any burden if you have 3 or 5 devices in your pocket. All 3 devices are with metal body & a simply pen style design while the Nano & the vaporlax are got the colored spray paint on the body & the Mate has a paper sticker on the body. The only thing to dislike is the driptip of the Nano is not too obvious that might make you put the bottom end in your lips some times.

3. The draw.

The bigger device makes it possible to have bigger draw. Which means, if you’re chasing bigger clouds or want a deep lung draw, the vaporlax would be the better choice for you.

4. Price.

Finally comes to the price part. Money matters! And let’s do some math first. The price of Nano is $12.99 and supports about 400 puffs, means $0.03 for each puff. The Matt is $16.99 & supports 1000 puffs, namely, $0.017 for each puff. The Vaporlax is $19.99 & supports 1500 puffs, so it’s $0.013 for each puff. Well, that’s super clear now.


In a word, if you never tried disposable products, or Vaporlax products, the Nano would be ideal for you to have a go. If you liked our product or the Vaporlax Flavors, then the Mate & Vaporlax Disposable are actually the less expensive ones and would be perfect for your daily vape.