As a vape brand, Vaporlax is always looking forward to working with vape reviewers, photographers & vape models. And we got to say, it’s been such a great experience to work with @_svape from Instagram.


Who are @_svape?

This Instagram account is running by a lovely couple from Spain, Santi & Patri. They’re both vapers & have the enthusiasm to present vape products. All the photos from their Instagram account were took by themselves. And yes, they’re also the models.

Why @_svape?

  1. Their photos are awesome! Santi & Patri definitely know what they’re doing & we don’t have any complain on the photos they took. And that attracts us. Maybe just us, but we rather our models to show their “life style”with the product, not just the hot body. Not saying that’s wrong, but we prefer to see photos with stories to tell, like how vaping is becoming part of your life or why vaping is better than smoking.
  2. They’re happy vapers! Before working with them, we made sure that both of them are of legal vaping age, which is very important as we don’t want people underage to take the vape photos. Santi & Patri are both 21+ years old & have the vape experience to share with.
  3. They’re easy to work with! When you talk to them, you’ll realize how easygoing they both are! We’re so impressed by their work enthusiasm & how efficient they are! To be honest with you, we’re still looking forward to working with them again.
  4. They listened! Before they taking the photos, we had a talk of how we want our photos done, they listened & gave us suggestions. After the photos were done, we gave them some feedback & they love it. That makes the whole experience better!

So, if you’re running a vape brand & looking for vape photographers & models, we recommend Santi & Patri. Again, don’t forget to check their Instagram account here: @_svape


What are we looking for now?

If you’re a 21+ years old vaper who’re doing the reviews or photographing. You’re who Vaporlax is looking for! We encourage artists to add vaping element into our work!

How to work with Vaporlax?

Please check our program pager here and drop us a line! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!