Today, we’re much more than honored to announce H2B is our Vaporlax Mate Exclusive Distributor in Vietnam.

H2B is a vape distributor that located in the heart of Hai Phong city (in Vietnam), however they’re able to arrange the shipping to other countries that around Vietnam. They started in May 2019 and has already earned the good reputation in the industry due to their superior service. There’s one thing that makes us extremely proud of is that they actually had a plan of selling traditional cigarettes, but after all the research and stuff, dusposable vape changed their mind and made them a vape distributor.

Though H2B didn’t have any online website, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to reach to them. You can always contact their owner, Duc Anh by his phone number: +84 90 6069606

What’s more, if you’re loacted in Australia, you can also contact Mr. Barry via his email: as he's a team member of H2B who's based at Australia. 

Good quality devices plus premium E-liquid made a great disposable vape. That’s why it’s always important to choose the anthentic ones. To us, having such amazing customers does not only mean Vaporlax is getting regarded, but also means the end users can check on our products more easily. That always cheer us up.

So, if you’re located in Vietnam or Australia, don’t forget to check the Vaporlax Mate! And stay tuned, more news are coming...