Vaporlax is a young brand that becomes more and more popular. We got so many positive feedback & we felt so blessed & grateful. And today, we’d like to talk about why you should work with us if you’re in the vaping business too.


Excellent Products

Quality talks. With many years of experience, our team is confident with what we produced. We have our own manufacturer, it’s easier & faster for us to adjust the design and fix the flaws. We believe the product quality is the basic of running a brand. Good quality is also the key to maintain the relationship with customers. And good quality is our guarantee.


Mature Price System

In Vaporlax, we’re very aware that the price system is very important as it’ll protect our customers from the “price war”. Business is business, and messing up the price will not only hurt the brand itself, but will also lead our customers to a dead corner.


Marketing Support

Running business is hard, not to mention the time you need to spend on making marketing materials, such as banners, images, videos & social media posts. But don’t worry, we’ll do that for you. If you need anything for promotion, just let us know or maybe you can find what you need here already.


Customer Service Team

Due to the shipping and other force majeure factors, some customers may received their products with flaw. Dealing with customer complains could be hard & time-consuming. Don’t worry about that, we’ll take care of the replacement for you! Make it easy for unsatisfied customers to ask for replacement will make them happy again.



There are way more reasons why you should give us a chance to work together. Above are just some of them. Vaporlax is a professional hard-working team, we’ve been trying to improve our products & service. The positive feedback from customers is our motivation.

Also, Vaporlax is not only specialized in disposable vape, in the near future, you’ll see more other types of vape product in the market too. We believe we’ll have a bright future.

So, why not drop us a line here: