For more than 10 years, we have been offering disposable pens devices that offer smokers a quality alternative. Our electronic disposable pens are the result of research and constant improvement to provide a sensation that satisfies all adult smokers regardless of their experience, which makes Vaporlax disposable pens products so unique.


Why we are different


Our mission is to offer a unique alternative to cigarettes. A long-lasting solution while still enjoying a wide range of delicious flavours. At Vaporlax we use a formula that reproduces the unique sensation of a cigarette, due to the feedback from our clients, but also to our research and constant improvement over the last years that allows us to reproduce the peak sensation expected by all smokers.

In addition, our products are designed to offer an experience closer to the traditional cigarette, an experience that is mentally comforting, whether it is the grip or the everyday experience, the feeling is similar and better than after some use it is difficult to go back. A product designed for all kinds of smokers.


Our engagement for your health


As you know, a cigarette is composed of about 4000 chemical substances, the majority of which are classified as cancerous. Among them, formaldehydes (an element cancerigene in large numbers in cigarettes).

Our disposable pen devices are composed only of a liquid offering unique flavors, as well as nicotine to satisfy smokers.

And that is why we submit the PMTAS. This is a milestone for us, receiving a marketing order from the FDA and approved we product for the US market. We are confident with the product analysis we've submitted, and we're hoping for a positive to continue providing our products to responsible adults seeking alternatives to traditional combustible tobacco products.