How many puffs do you need per day?


When using an electronic cigarette, the number of puffs is often difficult to calculate, because several factors come into effect. This becomes even more important when you want to select your pod.

The way you vape, the material you use will also influence the number of puffs you need. This is why at Vaporlax we have decided to categorize the pods into 3 large family packs to cover all types of smokers,  that will satisfy everyone !



The Nano, around 450 Puff disposable vape


The smallest and lightest of the family, as thin as a traditional cigarette, it is the ideal pod for any light vaper who doesn't smoke a lot and who needs a product that doesn't take up a lot of space. It is also the ideal model for testing new flavours. With these reasonable quantities and low prices, you no longer have any excuse to try new flavours, discover now all our pod device tastes at low prices.



The Mate, around 800 Puff disposable vape


Probably my favourite pods because it is the perfect balance. The grip and the amount of liquid makes it an ideal product for any beginner or experienced vaper. Portable and durable... It can be a full week for moderate vaping. Its price is also perfect, because for only 4$ more you get double the puff of the Nano model ! Moreover, its tip is adapted for our lips with the drip, a unique and touching sensation for enjoying every single puff, discovering all the Mate family in our store.



The Disposable KIT, around 1500 Puff disposable vape


The monster, think for the big vaper, those who like to steam throughout the day without interruption. Think to accompany all the week. With these pods you can forget about the fear of running out of liquids or batteries. In dépit of its large battery its size remains adequate and finally gets closer to the mate disposable vape. If you are looking for a long-lasting companion pod, this one is made for you.