The disposable device nowadays perfectly reproduces the sensations of the ordinary cigarette, everything is made for it. From the sensation to the grip, especially with the The Mate devices by Vaporlax range which reproduces as closely as possible the sensation of a traditional cigarette. You inhale and exhale vape, which replaces the smoke very well. We also find the "scratching" when the steam passes in our throat, a pleasant sensation sought after by the smoker that we call "hit". And of course, it contains nicotine, there are several models that contain more or less nicotine, although the majority of devices contain around 5% nicotine, a value that satisfies all smokers. Then he also has the drums which play on the duration and the feeling of saciety, I recommend our article on the subject which recommends the number of puffs.


But beware, not all disposable devices reproduce this sensation, many smokers are disappointed by their experience with electronic cigarettes (in particular those we have to do are do the liquid or the one with their refill to fill), because there are several types. But that the good device faithfully reproduces this sensation. Let's be honest, there will always be a small difference in taste even with the most faithful products that offer very similar sensations, because the difference with traditional cigarettes is that the Vaporlax does not contain the 4000 dangerous chemical substances that make it up.


If you have any experience with the old electronic cigarette a long time ago, you have probably been disappointed by it. Well don't stop at that, today's electronic, like the devices by Vaporlax offers you a similar experience. The word of an ex-smoker of 20 cigarettes a day who didn't believe especially in the electronic cigarette before testing it.

Especially after discovering the unique flavors perspectives offered by all disposable devices, a new world of flavors opens up for you. It's even better than the traditional cigarette, you have the same feeling but in addition to that you have a lot of taste, you can smoke fruits, atypical tastes, sweets and many other things there are no limits. With this one you can change your tastes just like your clothes, you can vary the pleasures and always remain in a new taste affinity to enjoy yourself. Because above all, it is still our pleasure... So don't hesitate to try new tastes, try our 5 new flavors and very different tastes that will delight everyone. And never forget to enjoy your puff...


Last tip : When trying an e-liquid for the first time, it is sometimes really very easy to think "oh yeah that's for sure, this is my new all-day! ". We can get carried away with these new flavors to which our taste buds are not yet accustomed. However, it is not uncommon that after a few same, the flavors slowly lose their appeal to the point where a flavor that we loved a few days ago is becoming bland! This change in perception, more common than it seems, is quite simply a desensitization of our taste buds. The best thing to do to get this flavor back to its original value is to change your taste from time to time so as not to get used to our taste buds and to regain sensitivity.