It's been a while since you've heard about it, but you're still uncertain, so here are some reasons for you to decide to switch to the disposable pods.


It's better for your health

Even though it cannot yet be said that disposable vapes are completely safe for health, it has been proven by the scientific community that puffing is at least 95% less harmful than smoking a standard cigarette. Switching to an electronic cigarette has the same effects on the body as simply stopping smoking. You will develop a sense of smell and taste, you will be physically better fit... And of course switching will reduce all the risk of cancer caused by the chemical products of cigarettes....

It will not be an inconvenience for your entourage any more

The electronic devices pod does not cause any bad smell, you can say goodbye to that cold tobacco smell on your hair, clothes, car...  No longer have that cigarette breath that so disgusts those around you. Beside the smell, it is also a comfort for you and your family and friends. No more need to go outside to smoke, you can vape peacefully while continuing your daily tasks.

Pleasure first and foremost

The most exceptional thing about the electronic pods is that you do good for your body while also increasing the pleasure. It is a new world of tastes that opens up for you, you have a multitude of unique choices. At vaporlax we have a variety of fruity flavours that will make your taste buds quiver!