Here they are finally, after several months of research we offer our new disposable devices with a unique and delicious taste, a mixture of taste that will not leave your taste buds indifferent, discover our 3 new that joins the great family Vaporlax. From technology to flavor, the new disposable devices of Vaporlax are easy to use. No need to worry about the liquids, just take it and puff... enjoy now its new exceptional taste.


Captain Cereal

Disposable Devices Captain Cereal Flavor by VaporLax :


We all have a favorite brand of cereal, for some of us we continue to eat it every morning, it must be said that the taste of conflex is so special and reminds us of childhood memories, that's why today we propose this new taste: Captain Cereal  for a good and tasty morning.


Hawaiian  Mix

Disposable Devices Hawaiian Juice Mix Flavor by VaporLax :


Take one of passion fruit, an orange and guava, blend it and you get Hawaiian Juice Mix, a taste of sunshine in your glass. An irresistible cocktail, so we took the same recipe and put in our favorites disposable devices to offer a refreshing taste that will remind you every time the sweet sun of Hawwain even in winter. The ideal one for all gloomy winters.


Lemon Bar

Disposable Devices Lemon Bar Flavor by VaporLax :


The lemon is a unique fruit that makes your mouth with irresistible taste, a mix of a mix of acidity and sweetness. It is often the masterpiece of cookies in any good event. Discover our new one with lime peel, a voluptuous mix of acid and refreshing for every vape.