VAPORLAX has submitted its Premarket Tobacco Production Applications (PMTAs) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seeking authorization for the marketing and sale of their wide-range of vaping products. If you do not comprehend, I advise you to read our article about this one, regarding all the issues of this applications what it will influence on the consumer and the market of vaping industry. 

This is truly another milestone for VAPORLAX as it puts us one step further through the review process in hopes of receiving a marketing order from the FDA. Our PMTA submission will provide the FDA everything they need to deem our products appropriate for the protection of public health. We are confident with the thorough product analysis we've submitted, and we're hoping for a positive review by the FDA to continue providing our products to responsible adults seeking alternatives to traditional combustible tobacco products.


After several years of disquisition and development, it was essential for us to have this submits which proves our transparency and the high quality of our products. Just like you, we have fondness to vape, and we faithfully hope the best for our health, we depose all our passion to propose the best disposable vape pods!