The Vaporlax Disposable Pod is proudly presented by Vaporlax. It stands out from all disposable devices from market by its massive 1000mAh battery capacity yet is still quite exquisite in hand. Highlighting the smooth draw and the premium salt nic E-liquid. It'll bring a joyful long-lasting vaping experience. 

The Design:  This Vaporlax Disposable Device is a round, pen style all-in-one kit that features a 100mm tall, 20mm diameter design. It features an indicator light at the bottom end to tell the device is activated. The indicator light turns on by taking a draw and turns off when the draw stops. The curvy design on the drip tip is to fit human lips better, for providing comfortable vaping experience. Though this Vaporlax Disposable Device features a 1000mAh internal battery, but it's still a perfect size for holding it in hand or carry it at your pocket. It's actually a great device for outside as how simple it is. It supposed to be disposed when the battery dies or the E-liquid was used up. 

The Flavor: There're now 15 flavors available. Banana Ice; Blue Razz; Crush Grape; Cool Mint; Ice Cola; Lush Ice; Mango Ice; Orange Soda; Pineapple Ice; Pineapple Lemonade; Pink Lemonade; Peach Mixes; Strawberry Banana; Strawberry Cream; Tropical Punch. All are premium salt nicotine E-liquid and you'll find your favorite from such wide variants. With the smooth draw, it's not hard to taste the every flavor profile layer by layer in your mouth. 

Vaporlax Disposable Device

Features: Each pod contains 6.5ml E-liquid of 50mg nicotine strength level that can offer roughly 1500 puffs and conveys a fulfilling draw system. Means this Vaporlax is a long-lasting device that can constantly provide you great vaping experience. The E-liquid is prefilled and sealed, which prevent you from refilling troubles and leaking problems. The battery is disposable and you don't need to carry any charging cable or charger when you go out. Just leave the device into bin when it's finished. 

The device also utilizes an draw-activated system, which doesn't require any button to start or turn on. This fool proof design is extremely friendly to new starters or former smokers who's seeking an alternative. 

Conclusion: This 1000mAh 1500 puffs Vaporlax Disposable Device is a well-performed vape device that can satisfy every salt nic lover.  It provides vapers a long-lasting vaping experience that can save you from so many troubles. The exquisite design makes it easy to carry with and fulfill you the needs to vape in different situations.