Premium Product Quality

Vaporlax is a young vape brand yet the founder and the team have years of experience in vape industry, especially in manufacturing. With such experience, we know how to control the product quality and know what vapers are looking for. Our promise is to offer customers the premium quality with the same price range.

Our Team

Vaporlax team (including our engineering, sales, marketing...) is a group of young, professional people who're also enjoy vaping & believe vaping is the best switch for smokers. We got the professional team to market our products and make sure it'll earn a lot of awareness from the end users, including:

  1. Social Media
  2. Forums
  3. Reviewers
  4. Blogs
  5. Email
  6. And so many on...

Marketing Resource

At Vaporlax we value your loyalty. We understand it's difficult for small businesses owners to compete, or not having the team to work on the marketing materials. We got your back!

As long as you become a partner, you'll receive all done-for-you marketing resources kits including:

  1. website banners
  2. high definition shopping cart images
  3. social media images
  4. (written for you) email marketing campaigns
  5. And such more...


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