Disposable vape has become the best alternative to cigarettes in 2020, especially since the federal government banned flavoured vape pods. Disposable devices were designed to be familiar to smokers with less health risks. Why continue to smoke tar and other dangerous chemical products when you can smoke steam with nicotine. 

The quality of the vape device is important, and is based on important elements. The integrated liquid. All our liquid is controlled by an external agency and it is to the standard of the American legislation (PMTA), you can find all our information on our dedicated page. The health of our client is primordial.

How the PMTA affect the vapers

This is probably the tedious part but it is important to have some knowledge about this one. The PMTA (pre-market tobacco product application), it's a request for authorization to approve your smoke product for the US Market. But you're going to tell me that this does not concern me, because I don't have a smoke company,  but you’ll see that it’s a big deal for you too.

For companies that produce liquid and even resellers, it requires a lot of file and administrative process in order to validate each of its products,the key part of the explanation is that you have to demonstrate that your new product is “appropriate for the protection of public health.” It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that this is a pretty high bar. In addition to the administrative process it is also a financial blow. Because each product must be validated In addition to that, we must add that we must renew both without authorization. This legislation affects all liquid-based and pod cigarettes. It's going to become very complicated to get them, one more reason to go all-in-one disposable vape. At Vaporlax we have carried out this regulation, transparency is important for us that's why we put forward our certification that you can find here: vaporlax.com/pages/pmta

Forget the constraints and take advantage of the vape device. That it is in terms of legislation, or comfort... The disposable vape are incontestably the best product for vaper. Especially since with the many tastes available, you will find your happiness on the vaporlax store. Try now our different vape devices and enjoy your puff.