4 things you need to pay attention with disposable device


Disposable devices are a concentrate of technology, however it happens that some users find various problems, this is generally due to a bad usage, that's why in this article we present tips for correct use and gestures to avoid for all users of electronic cigarettes.


Do not drop it and  Don't stand the device upside down


Like many electronic products, falls on the floor is bad for electronic cigarettes, especially those with a visible fuel container, this is one of the reasons why at Vaporlax we only propose vaporlaxs devices, which are more convenient and less sensitive than other products of the same style, because their design protects from this kind of accident.  However, this is not a legitimate reason to drop it all the time, because in addition to risk of breaking it you also risk dirtying the tip!


Cleaning your Vaporlax !


If the COVID-19 storm has taught us one thing, it is to be more careful about our overall hygiene. Disposable devices can be a major factor in battery transmission, especially with the mouthpiece where you put your mouth to inhale the smoke. That's why, if you drop it on the ground or if your favorite vaporlax hangs out in a not very clean place, we recommend to clean it, a simple disinfectant wipe is enough for cleaning, enough to eliminate all bacteria on the surface.


 Press the battery without smoke


This is a recurring problem in devices, if you operate the battery without vacuum, the liquid does not circulate and the resistance heats up. The static liquid can overheat and block the mechanism, this is a very common problem and that's why at Vaporlax we have thought of solutions and we have removed this concept, in addition to the constraints for the user and unnatural, it causes a lot of mechanical problems. That is why we remove that, with our vape you have just one thing to think about, is smoking and enjoy the unique flavor. You can learn more about our product philosophy and design in our dedicated article.


Use a non-certified liquid


They have a lot of electronic cigarettes, but all the vape divices have in common is the liquid, the one that brings such a unique taste and that gives this sensation so unique and tasty. But many devices offer bad liquid, not conform and are dangerous for health. That's why many countries ban the possibility of buying electronic cigarettes, other as the USA offers certification for the  product , this verification is called the PMTA. Without this validation of the administration it is impossible to sell its products on American, at Vaporlax we have made our request for verification to prove the well done of our products, it is a pledge of trust and transparency for our users. So before enjoying the vape, check well the origin and your product and composition.