I know there are tons of posts & articles about smoking and vaping. But today, I’m still trying to talk about why vaping is way better than smoking. All the reasons I got are from my vaper friends who are former smokers as I want to know what has changed after they switch to vaping. Here we go.

  1. NO MORE Awkwardness When Kissing

Kissing is the romantic moment but the breath issue can ruin it. If your partner is not a smoker, that smoking breath could actually kill the moment. One of my friends told me his girlfriend was hiding his kiss because of such problem. And without the tar & the buring smell, vaping can actually save you from such embarrassed situations.

  1. For Children

Parents always want the best for their children. A warm hug from your kids after work is the best way to release the stress from work. But due to the smoking smell will actually attached on your shirts and hair, means, your kids would get the second-hand smoking unconsciously. So, don’t be rush to hug your kids after smoking, please change the clothes first. And of course, vaping can save your time & inconvenience.

  1. No Bad Teeth Issues

A big confident smile is definitely a big plus. But all the research has already show us that smoking would cause dental issue such as dirty teeth. Not being judgemental, but who doesn’t want clean & healthy teeth? Can’t deny that’s another main reason why former smokers want to switch to vaping.

  1. No More Bad Smell In The Car

If you ever smoked in your car, that smell will last for a long time & uneasy to erase. As a non-smoker, that smell is totally a nightmare & it’ll more likely to cause nausea while sitting in the car.

  1. Don’t Need To Borrow The Lighter

If you were a smoker, you’ll feel this. Because it’s easy to forgot the lighter home or the office. But it really depends as it’ll also be a good chance to break the ice & talk to a stranger. But if you’re social phobia, that’s another pain. But... maybe vapers will borrow the 18650 some times?


Above are the reasons why vaping is way better than smoking and there are much more. And vaporlax are gong to collect more feedback from our friends & have the part 2 posted. So, stay tuned.