You may not know it but it has optimal ways of vaping in order to take advantage of this electronic cigarette, whether you're an expert or just curious, this article will give you the basis to vaporize well. The disposable device reproduces steam resembling the smoke of a classic cigarette. The principle consists in heating a liquid and nicotinic substance to allow the user to have the same sensation as in traditional smoking. Because of the vapor they inhale, users of the electronic cigarette define themselves as vape and not as smokers.


As we wrote previously, smoking a traditional cigarette and vape a disposable device are things that seem similar but are a little different. With Vaporlax devices, all you have to do is pull on your electronic cigarette to inhale the vapor, nothing could be simpler. Depending on the strength of the aspiration you inhale more or less steam, you can choose the intensity that you like!


Attention to a lot of electronic cigarettes can cause the e-fluid to rise in the mouth, the reason is due to their architecture and their liquid reservoir. Nothing worse than a smoker having to show up, that's why at Vaporlax we have removed this system that causes this kind of annoyance and we have thought of a product made for smokers without any constraint, you can learn more about our philosophy in this article.


Vape direct or indirect?


Once the steam is produced in the mouth you have two choices: direct inhalation and indirect inhalation. The difference is a matter of taste, for indirect inhalation, the smoker will keep the vapour in the mouth and then pass it into the lungs. With direct inhalation, there is no waiting time in the mouth, so the vapour produced goes directly into the lungs. It is difficult to advise something because it is a matter of personal style .


Another factor is the amount of puff. As stated at the beginning of the article some pull more than others on the cigarette when it smokes. Some people prefer to make small puffs in large amounts, others will make long puffs in small amounts, again it depends on one's style and one's nicotine cravings. That's why it's important to choose the right size for your disposable device!