As everyone knows, the traditional cigarette is very dangerous for the health, this is due to the many chemicals products included in tobacco. In spite of all its risks and all the prevention done, it is very hard to stop smoking. Yet one of the simplest solutions and approved by many scientists, is to make the transition to the disposable device.


As evidenced by hundreds of studies, it is estimated that the daily consumption of electronic cigarettes is 98% less harmful than tobacco, the risks are minimal compared to traditional tobacco, the last study in June showed that the vaporization reduces tobacco consumption ... All data suggest that the disposable device is a method of smoking cessation sustainable and viable, as stated by Dr. Notley.


Many people have had a bad experience with pod cigarettes, but the technology has been evolving since the beginning. We are far away from the big cigarette with liquid-filled reservoirs.Today we find simple and practical models, such as our products that are designed to be smoked and simply smoke, no button, no refill, no need to light even more convenient than a traditional cigarette.  And we are not talking about the hundreds of flavors that you can find, which will make you discover this pleasure of smoke again, and discover our unique taste in our store.


7 million deaths saved by disposable devices (only in USA)


We could have started this article with this surprising information, published by Tobacco Control. Its verdict is final. According to the scientists, vape will save many smokers. This study is based on the fact that electronic cigarettes will avoid millions of deaths compared to the traditional cigarette. So what are you waiting for to try it? Today for less than 17 dollars you can start,  you will forget the charcoal taste of the cigarette and your body will thank you. A world of unique flavor opens up for you.


As a former smoker myself, I was very skeptical and even disappointed with my first experience with an electronic cigarette, but after trying disposable devices like those in our store that reproduce the sensation of smoking, I can't go back to the traditional tabac. I have the impression regain the pleasure of the past without endangering my body and my wallet.