In order to return to our awesome customers, we have different kinds of discounts and activities on Joining the activities you’ll get the coupon code that may save you a lot. So, let’s talk about how to apply for the discounts & how to use the codes.


ONE: How to get the discounts?

Vaporlax now offers life-time discounts for military & seniors.

Getting the military discount is easy, no matter if you ever worked for the army, still are on service or retired, as long as you’re legal to vape, just show us your related certificates & we’ll offer you a life-time 20% off discount. (Try to get more info here: Military Disount Page)

If you’re a senior vaper, please let us know & we’ll offer you a life-time 20% off discount too! (More info here: Senior Discount Page)

You’ll find all our discount policies under the events on the navigation bar. And the events too. Here’s the one that we’re running now: Leave a photo review & get a 15% discount.


TWO: How to use the coupon code?

When placing the order, you’ll see a bar to put the discount in.

Once you put the discount code vaporlax in & hit the “Apply” button, the price will go down accordingly.

How easy is that?


So, why not join our event & leave a photo review to get a 15% coupon code today?

If there’s any operation you’re not sure with, leave a comment below & we’ll get back to you ASAP.