Here comes the very first event from VAPORLAX!!!

At this event, we’d love to hear your story about how you quit smoking. We know that quit smoking is not easy, especially for those people who have been a smoker for years. But we also know that a lot of people have done it successfully.

To encourage more people to stop smoking, please share your story of how you stopped smoking & what methods you have tried on the comment.


Why should I join this event:

  1. Well... people who are still struggling would love to hear your story. Your help would make it easier.
  2. People who joined the event will get a Vaporlax disposable vape for free.


How to join the Event?

That’s super easy, just comment below & share your stop-smoking story. If you never smoked & want to join the event? Share your vape story then.


How to claim my prize?

  1. Sign up your account on
  2. Complete your shipping address on your account
  3. If your comment was approved, means you’ll be given a Vaporlax disposable device. (Random Flavor)
  4. The package will send to your default shipping address from your account, so please make sure your address is correct & full. We probably won’t send you the package or package will be lost if the address is incorrect or incomplete.
  5. We’re really sorry that this event is only for USA only (as we don’t ship to other countries at this moment) and for 21+ adults only!
  6. Event starts at 1stJune & ends at 30th